Jar Candleholder-Large

Most people appear to have a plethora of unused jam and pickle jars stashed away in basements and cupboards. Here is something that finally gives those empty jars a purpose! We have had customers use these as wedding centrepieces to safely line a hard-to-light walkway or pathway. They have been used as lighting for patio parties and on docks; the creative uses are endless. Easy to insert and extract from the jar ā€“ without burning your hand ā€“ and holding a standard tealight these candle holders will turn that old pickle jar into a gorgeous radiant lamp in moments. Fits a 1 Quart (1L) standard or wide-mouth preserving jar.

  • Easily turn the common 1 quart (1l) canning jar into a safe lantern. The jar offers the candle protection from the wind.
  • Save your fingers and get rid of frustrating attempts to light tea lights. The jar stays cool to the touch.
  • Height 6 inches. Tea light holder 1.58 inches in diameter.
  • Made from tin-plated steel. Sturdy construction. Assembled with solid rivets.



  • The tinplated steel may have slight blemishes here and there on the finish. These occur during the fabrication stage and will not affect the functionality.
  • Oversized tealights and some plastic tealights may not fit.
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  • Not for use by children.
  • May contain sharp edges. Handle with care and caution.
  • The use of candles and other sources of light can generate a significant amount of heat. Please be careful, mindful, and use caution when handling these types of items.

Additional information

Weight 24 g
Dimensions 15 × 4 × 6 cm


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