not made overseas, but still affordable

Items made in canada

All of our products are made in my shop in Chesterville Ontario. Our tinplate in US made.

Low Minimum Order

Our minimum order and reorder is $200.


We have 70+ products less than $50 MSRP and 25+ items less than $25 MSRP

Short Lead Times

No waiting on overseas shipments. Most orders are shipped within 7 days of ordering.

A maker at heart, Greg knew immediately he had found his material when he worked as an apprentice at historic Upper Canada Village. To develop his skills, he furthered his apprenticeship with noted master tinsmith Billy McMillen of Staten Island NY.

Along the way Greg decided his dream was to work for himself. In 1991 he started The Tin Shop which was incorporated as The Pietersma Tinworks, Ltd in 1998.

Originally Greg made reproductions of pieces made by 19th century tinsmiths. Gradually Greg adapted these pieces into a collection of products that fit the 21st century, and designed and built tools and machines to help with the adaptations. 

Unique Products

My products are rooted in items made by 19th century Tinsmiths for their communities. Using  tools used by my forebears and ones I have built I make high quality tinware at a price that’s affordable for you customers.   



  • 30+ Patterns
  • Patterns designs that appeal to all customer types
  • Retails at $45
  • Sold with bulb

Candle Shades


  • 35+ Patterns
  • Patterns designs that appeal to all customer types
  • Retails at $32 & $22
  • Tin plate included



  • Classic heirloom ornaments
  • Retail Price $9.95-$36.00
  • Many come with handmade storage containers
  • Proven sellers

Frequently asked questions

My learning took place over a couple of years. Instruction came from William McMillen. I started as a student at one of his workshops then informally with him at Historic Richmond Town on Staten Island NY. Upper Canada Village in Morrisburg Ontario gave me the opportunity to practice and build my skills.

Tin plated steel. This material is made up of a sheet of steel covered in tin. The tin offers a high luster surface and provides some rust protection. The steel gives the material its strength. It is non-toxic.

My prime focus is on producing item for my catalogue. However, I do take on custom work. Customizing patterns for our Shades is one type of custom work I do. I will also  take on commissions that I find interesting. For more information on this please check out my Custom Work page.  

All US orders over $200 qualify for Free Shipping. I use the Postal Service and UPS for most of our shipments. For more information refer to our Shipping Page
I use Canada Post for nearly all of our shipping. In some circumstances I will use FedEX and UPS if they are a more cost effective solution. For more information refer to our Shipping Page

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