Information to help sell our products

Is it safe to use real candles?

Absolutely! Always exercise caution when using candles. Never leave lit candles alone. Some items may become hot when in use. Place a trivet or hot pad to protect fine finished furniture or plastic materials. When spilt wax is hot, it can be wiped off with a cloth. Cooled wax may be picked off. Just be careful not to scratch the surface. Try a plastic knife. If a candle flame comes in contact with the tinplate it will “burn”. There is no fix for this.

How do you clean tin?

If your item is dirty and needs to be cleaned follow these directions: Use hot water and some dish soap gently clean the item. Do not put the item in a dishwasher. Dry the item with a soft cloth then place in an oven to finish drying set no hotter than 200°F (100°C) for 30 minutes.

Does tin tarnish?

Tin is slow to tarnish. Which is why it is a great material for reflective ornaments like our Victorian Tinsel. It will be years before your piece has noticeably lost its luster. Tarnishing can be slowed down be storing your item in an airtight bag. If you want to polish use a non abrasive metal cleaner. Read the directions carefully. A lot of elbow grease may be required to use the cleaner. Our favorite is Nevr-Dull™. We do not advise the rough side of any punched item be polished.

Can I use tinware outside?

Our products can be used outside. However our products should NOT BE LEFT OUTSIDE. Rain, mist, & dew can cause the item to rust. There is no way to remove the rust. If your item does get wet immediately dry and place in an warm oven – max: 200°F or 100°C for 30 minutes.

What is the material?

Tin plated steel is made up of a sheet of steel covered in tin. The tin offers a high luster surface and provides some rust protection. The steel gives the material its strength. It is non-toxic. We work hard to make the items safe to use. However some edges may be sharp. Use with caution. Do you ever use other materials? We can us almost any metal in sheet form like copper, galvanized, brass and steel.. Stainless steel is a metal we do not use.

Who is the Pietersma Tinworks?

Our story begins over 30 years ago with our founder Greg Pietersma embarking on a mission to become a tinsmith. He took on the role of assistant tinsmith at Upper Canada Village in Morrisburg, Ontario. While working there, his desire to master his skills and learn from the best eventually led him to study with Master Tinsmith William McMillen to perfect the arts of the craft. Pietersma Tinworks has now been in operation for over 30 years and is proud to say that we still offer handcrafted Canadian-made tin decor and Christmas ornaments. Now in its second stage of life and under new ownership, Pietersma Tinworks is operated by Garrett VanderBurg. He is a tool and die maker by trade and an aspiring tinsmith. Garrett and his family are honoured to carry on Greg’s work and the Pietersma Tinworks name. We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy crafting them for you.